The fitting finish to a Deathy year …

As the cover to Alternative Deathiness suggests, life is but a dance with death—a topic all of us are familiar with and too often want to avoid. This is not a volume to avoid. 

Alternative Deathiness is a fantastic selection of short stories and poetry that includes works by veteran writers such as best-selling author Alicia Hilton, James Van Pelt, Larry Hodges and more, as well as up-and-coming voices such as Jim Wright and K.G. Anderson (and also yours truly, moi).

Published by Lauren Stoker

LAUREN STOKER, a native Californian and survivor of U.C. Santa Barbara, moved to New England for the thrill of skiing on ice and owning a snow blower. Lauren enjoys playing loud music, ranting about anti-environmentalists, and collecting beer coasters, while drinking a fine British ale. Since the tender age of 15, she has struggled with the written word (and sometimes won). Lauren’s short stories and non-fiction have been published in journals and newspapers in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K.

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