“A story told is a life lived.”

James Fraser, Outlander season 3, episode 9

Anthologies that published my stories

“Hogging the Hooch” (under Laurie Hall), in A Restricted View from Under the Hedge, Hedgehog Poetry Press, U.K., July 2018

“Submission,” in Beyond the Levee and Other Ghostly Tales, Peter R. Talley, Sept. 2020:
The podcast can be found at NoSleep Podcast, Season 15, Episode 16:×16 (story starts around 00:05:10)

Cartoon for “Daddy and the Bear”

“Daddy and the Bear” (under Laurie Hall), The Woods Reader, – search for Summer 2020 issue

“The Glass of Absinthe” (under Laurie Hall), Long Con Magazine, Issue 8, August 31, 2021: Click on the 3rd box on the bottom row to read my story. Based on Degas’ painting of the same title.

The fitting finish to a Deathy year … 2021

As the cover to Alternative Deathiness suggests, life is but a dance with death—a topic all of us are familiar with and too often want to avoid. This is not a volume to avoid. 

Alternative Deathiness is a fantastic selection of short stories and poetry that includes works by veteran writers such as best-selling author Alicia Hilton, James Van Pelt, Larry Hodges and more, as well as up-and-coming voices such as Jim Wright and K.G. Anderson (and also yours truly, moi). Read long and prosper (or we’ll come for you!)

Just released January 25, 2022! Chicken Soup for the Soul’s new book, Believe in Angels, contains my true story, “A Miraculous Save,” written under Laurie Hall.

And here’s a link to the podcast, recapping my story:

Other publications

(Psssssst! By clicking on any of the links highlighted below, you’ll actually be able to read my stories, and more.)

“Snack Service,” in the Monster Flash anthology (a contest winner), The Arcanist, Oct. 2019:

“The Lady Has it All,” 50-Word Stories, Dec. 2019:

“Pledging Allegiance,” “Parable,” and “Spring Cleaning,” Page & Spine, 2019:

“COVID-19 Test — It Snot What You Think [sic] (A Probe Too Far?)” (under Laurie Hall), Page & Spine, May 21, 2021:

“Dropping By,” Page & Spine, Oct. 22, 2021 (a little Halloween tale):

“Samhain Summoned?” Page & Spine, Oct. 29, 2021 (a treat for All Hallows’ Eve . . . or similar):

“To Womb It May ConCERN” Page & Spine, Dec. 10, 2021 (a little, twisted science piece for Christmas and probably one of the funniest things I’ve written).

You can also find the links to my stories at:

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