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Just in time for Thanksgiving, a brand new book is launched
(and it’s not a turkey)!

Fresh off the platter is a delectable selection of satire and parodies. The Potatoes of Defiance is loaded with all the fun-poking and snark you’ve come to love, along with some damned serious stuff. So load up on a big serving of laughs and well-deserved derision, and pass the hot potatoes.

“Fear is strange soil. Mainly it grows obedience like corn, which grows in rows and makes weeding easy. But sometimes it grows the potatoes of defiance, which flourish underground.” Terry Pratchett in Small Gods

Released on November 23, 2022. Amazon link:

Price reduced for the 2022 holidays to $10.95 (limited time offer).

A Satirical Fantasy for Our Times:

(With the Proper Solvent)

In a more perfect world, what would it take to bring down corporate culprits bent on pillaging an ancient forest?  In this one—a werewolf attorney, a vampire baroness, and a royal drop-out with more than a bit of magic on their side.  To save their forest, they team up with a homeboy wolf from Brooklyn, an opinionated horse, two wizards, and a punk princess in tie-dye; fangs are optional, wands and brooms not so much.


Lauren Stoker’s fantasy mystery BLOOD WILL OUT (With the Proper Solvent) offers up a rare blend of topicality and escapism, with a touch of Sir Terry, along with the intrigue and the laughs. The ensemble cast is as warm as you’ll find in any cozy, but the message is timely and the zingers are laugh-out-loud. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. —Catriona McPherson, multi-award-winning author of the Last Ditch Motel series. 

[A] snarky mix of modern-day vampires, werewolves and magical beings of all sorts join forces to confront corporate werewolf villains in this richly-imagined fantasy. Author Lauren Stoker’s unique, sardonic voice and impressive talent make her a force to be reckoned with! — Pamela Loewy, author of Jemma’s Knight, Knight and Shadow, and Doubt and Desire.

In BLOOD WILL OUT Lauren Stoker has created a world where magical characters take on the challenge of preventing bad and greedy werewolves from destroying the forest that is a national treasure. Stoker handles this serious subject with humor, making us part of the world that she so richly describes, transporting the reader to an exciting place. — Lesego Malepe, author of Reclaiming Home

Blood Will Out (With the Proper Solvent) came last Saturday and I couldn’t put it down! Great characters and an intriguing plot. So many giggle-worthy puns. Finished it Monday morning, and I was bereft.  I want more!  Please write more. — N.K. Wagner, Executive Editor of Page & Spine

Get Your Ho, Ho, Ho’s!

A MOST PECULIAR CHRISTMAS (Songs of [J]Oy or Mirth) is a collection of shameless, zany parodies of Christmas favorites to carry us through these most peculiar times with laughter.

(Don’t be confused, it’s still me.
I published this under my given name.)

B. Suede 5.0 out of 5 stars Ho..Ho..Ho
Finally something for those of us who consider “A Christmas Story” to be the most accurate rendition of what can expected from the joyous(?) time. Author Laurie Hall has rendered a delightful booklet of alternate lyrics for well known Christmas songs. Beautifully illustrated, suitable for the closet scrooge to peruse while snickering during the inevitable singalongs. I enjoyed it the most when I knew the song well, then the skill in replacement lyrics shines through. This book won’t put your eye out, kid. Unless you really work on one of the corners.

Released October 2020 on Amazon under author name, Laurie Hall:

Price reduced for the 2022 holidays to $5.95 (limited time offer).

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