New story published

long con magazine, a Canadian journal, just published a story of mine August 31, 2021 in its Issue 8 (under my birth name): It’s an ekphrastic piece based on Degas’ painting of the same title: “The Glass of Absinthe.” Back in my UCSB days, as an art history major, the painting was one of the most intriguing we studied and became one of my favorites. Click on the bottom row, third square from the left to see my story. But also check out the other authors’ stories. Well worth it!

Published by Lauren Stoker

LAUREN STOKER, a native Californian and survivor of U.C. Santa Barbara, moved to New England for the thrill of skiing on ice and owning a snow blower. Lauren enjoys playing loud music, ranting about anti-environmentalists, and collecting beer coasters, while drinking a fine British ale. Since the tender age of 15, she has struggled with the written word (and sometimes won). Lauren’s short stories and non-fiction have been published in journals and newspapers in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K.

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