In Memoriam

On this day, March 15th, in 2015, one of the world’s funniest writers died–an exceedingly bright, curious mind, a kind and loving heart, and a clear-eyed (yet often righteously angry) view of the world–the late and very great Sir Terry Pratchett. Damn the “embuggerment!” GNU Sir Terry.

And in case you’re wondering about the meaning of “GNU” in this context, here’s a link to an article published just two days after his death:,his%20name%20is%20still%20spoken.%E2%80%9D

Shout out for my new favorite author, Ruth Hogan!

She’s the best-selling author of The Keeper of Lost Things, among other works of wonder. Ruth has a truly amazing ear and eye for language, a unique “voice” to be cherished. I just finished Queenie Malone’s Paradise Hotel and am utterly smitten. It’s one of my favorite novels of the decade: hilariously funny and poignant by turns, thoroughly satisfying and endearing. Magic. If this isn’t a book that you’ll hug to yourself, I’ll be very much surprised. You can follow her at

The fitting finish to a Deathy year …

As the cover to Alternative Deathiness suggests, life is but a dance with death—a topic all of us are familiar with and too often want to avoid. This is not a volume to avoid. 

Alternative Deathiness is a fantastic selection of short stories and poetry that includes works by veteran writers such as best-selling author Alicia Hilton, James Van Pelt, Larry Hodges and more, as well as up-and-coming voices such as Jim Wright and K.G. Anderson (and also yours truly, moi).