Behold! A Second Edition Hath Been Released.

The second edition of my third book, The Potatoes of Defiance, is now available in hardcover. And there are three bonus stories! I call it my “Indictment Issue.” (Thank you, Stormy Daniels.) The sturdier cover will lend itself better to perusing while on the throne. 😉

Also available on Kindle. For now, I’m keeping the first edition available (for those who like that sort of thing) as a paperback. But that may change soon.

In case you missed it before, this is a collection of several of my short pieces (mostly funny) of social/political commentary. Though slightly larger than before, it’s still small enough to stow in your “library” next to your john, if you do that sort of thing. No serious investment of time is required, in other words.


More Ho, Ho, Ho for Your Wallet

. . . to help stop the holes, holes, holes in it. Knowing how spread thin so many people are this season, I had a serious talk with Santa and we decided, in the interests of good will, to lower the prices for the holiday period on both my book of Christmas carol parodies, A Most Peculiar Christmas (Songs of [J]Oy or Mirth (written under Laurie Hall), and my just released anthology, The Potatoes of Defiance. Happy Ho-lidays!


Gobble! Gobble!

A brand new book is launched in time for Thanksgiving, and it’s not a turkey! Fresh off the platter is a delectable selection of satire and parodies. The Potatoes of Defiance is loaded with all the fun-poking and snark you’ve come to love, along with some damned serious stuff. So load up on a big serving of laughs and well-deserved derision, and pass the hot potatoes.

Here’s the Amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BMZ9WH3X

And if you’re still taking Trump as your national savior, well this might be the very book to cure what ails ya. It’s cheaper than a lobotomy!

And a very nice book signing it was indeed.

Had a very nice book signing Sunday, Oct. 11th at Borgin’s Books. It was a beautiful, warm day and quite a number of people stopped in, some old friends and (hopefully) some new. Sold quite a few books and generally had a great time. Thanks so much to Katherine Crowley-Marsh, the owner of one of the sweetest little bookshops I’ve seen in years, for hosting the event and for taking these pix.

The second photo is not actually Papa Hemingway (in another life) but a good friend who (gasp!) bought my funny fantasy. He’s more of a political animal, so this was a true leap into the unknown for him! So thanks, Bill, and Virginia and Ed, and Joanne and everyone who came out.

Myself (as Granny Loveanger) at Borgin’s Books in Plymouth, MA, Oct. 11, 2022 for book signing
My good friend, Bill, and I at Borgin’s Books for my book signing on Oct. 11, 2022

Coming Soon – New Book Signing!

Sunday, October 16th, 2022 from 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. at Borgin’s Books in Plymouth, MA.

Borgin’s Books is the cutest little bookstore. It even has a witch’s broom hung on the wall! (My kind of place.) And there’s a lovely peek out back into the garden. I’ll have a few copies of my little Christmas book, too (my satirical parodies of Christmas carols).

Hopefully, there won’t be another 30-minute monsoon! So if you missed the last one (you probably just didn’t have your boat ready), and you’re in the area, I hope you’ll drop by. (I’ll only be there an hour.)

Après moi, le déluge!

I had my first book signing last night at Books & Sundry, one of our beautiful new bookstores in Plymouth, and no sooner did I set up than the skies opened up with a monsoon that flooded the street in front of the store! Then came some thunder and lightning. (Granny Lovenanger may have had something to do with that!) Pretty spectacular. And yes, I’m dressed as Granny, but I don’t have nearly the pizzazz that she does.

But we managed to have a pretty good time. Met some nice folks, saw old friends, and sold and signed some books, despite it all. Only lasted about 40 minutes, then a rainbow came out. My thanks go out to Glenda (the Good) and Aubrey for hosting the signing.

Book signing photos taken by Aurbrey Sherman @ Books & Sundry.
Photos of the storm taken by author, Judith Campbell.